Talent Clouds' ambition is to utilise its new and successful technology to deliver an end-to-end workforce management platform.

Our Story

Formed in 2015 as an on-demand hiring platform for the hospitiality industry called GoWorky, Talent Clouds rebranded in 2019 with the vision of to utilising its disruptive, fresh technology to deliver an end-to-end workforce management platform. 

Having taken on external investment, the company now offers a range of solutions to help all involved in the ecosystem; employers, recruitment agencies and candidates.

Our Mission

We believe in a future of work in which technology is at the heart of workforce management. By creating an ecosystem of employers, candidates and recruitment agencies, we are aiming to create an effective and transparent process that reduces cost and frustration and ensures roles are filled by high quality candidates in a timely manner.


Co-founder and Director of Sales

David Stone

Director of Sales

Harry Gooding

Over 40 combined years experience

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Director of Operations

Ant Cousins

Director of Engineering

Kyri Yiasouma


Our Board

Alongside our team, Talent Clouds benefits from an Advisory Board resourced by industry leaders with deep experience and knowledge of building businesses.

NoBa Capital

Kevin Fuller

Arbor Ventures

Rob Keane