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Multi-Academy Trust - Case Study



A multi-academy trust in Essex comprising 12 schools in total, including a mixture of secondary and primary schools. Across all schools, the Trust has 1,600 staff contributing to the education of 11,000 pupils, as well as 60 trainee NQTs. 


With compliance processes being overseen in one central point, the Trust faced the challenge of ensuring the onboarding and workforce management processes for all schools were straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective during a period of severe staff shortages and financial strains across education. 




Talent Clouds’ cloud-based digital platform has allowed the Trust to manage its pre-employment and workforce processes in one place. It has saved the Trust time in the sending and turnaround of check applications, meaning new hires can start in their roles sooner. Our platform’s cloud-based data storage means that oversight and monitoring of the compliance of the entire workforce is simpler, and Ofsted audits are less stressful. 


Through the use of our digital, cloud-based platform, the Trust has saved valuable time and money through reduced manual processing hours and cost savings through increased efficiency and reduced error.

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