Compliance Cloud for Care

What we do

Compliance Cloud for Care is your tool for onboarding new staff safely, securely, and compliantly. Our tool is designed for Care providers, homes and agencies to simplify and speed up the onboarding process, as well as the reduce the cost of onboarding both flexible and permanent hires.

Ensuring you have the right people in your teams is crucially important in Care. Finding the right person takes much more than simply interviewing. We understand the need for a thorough, joined up pre-hire screening and onboarding process. That’s why we have a simple to use, reliable toolset to help you bring people into your organisation safely and securely.

Today more than 1000 organisations are using the toolset to bring people into their organisation, safe in the knowledge that everyone in your business is fully compliant.

Some of the Roles We Cover

  • Carers

  • Nurses

  • Care Home Assistant Practitioners

  • Administration

  • Social Workers

  • Support Staff

The Checks We Offer

To ensure employees can work within care, we run basic, standard and enhanced checks.

DBS Checks

Biometric & facial recognition technology allows instant & accurate identity verification.

Identity Verification

We provide comprehensive work history and reference checks, our tool gives you flexibility to meet your needs.

Work History & Referencing

Care often requires one to drive in a role, our DVLA checks ensure the validity of an individual’s driving license.

DVLA Check

We check against regulatory standards for training, skills & behaviour & store details within your compliance record.

HCPC Registration Check

We check a social worker is registered with SWE & store register details as part of your compliance record.

SWE Registration Check

The Features

Role-based Compliance

By providing bundled compliance checks based on the role, we ensure standards are met from document capture to referencing

Cloud-based platform

Accessible anywhere, at anytime, our platform enables management and processing of your compliance operations in one place with third-party integrations


Keep candidates in the driving seat via our app giving them full visibility of all necessary actions to complete the compliance process


The Benefits

Step by Step

Our tool walks you through the checks process logically and with no ‘noise’ to distract you.


Our tool knows that sometimes you’ll be interrupted, so it doesn’t change while you’re gone or unexpectedly lose documents.

CQC Audit Ready

Our tool gives you a single report on every candidate for you to keep safe. We also store every check just in case you need it.


What Our Customers Say

"I must say that the DBS system is the best I have used so far. The icing on the cake is it eliminates impersonation because you have to take applicants live photo and passport details page. Other features such as DVLA, employment history and referencing and other checks are fantastic. You get to know the outcome of the DBS and certificate number for the applicant to subscribe to the update service long before the physical certificate arrives. Applicants can complete their part of the application remotely. The app you can use to take a passport picture is fantastic because if you don't have a camera on your PC or laptop, it is an option. In conclusion, it is a great system you have put in place, and I highly recommend it."

Kofi Awudi, Shalom Health Recruitment Ltd.

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