Compliance Cloud for Education

What we do

Compliance Cloud for Education is your tool for onboarding new staff safely and compliantly. Our tool is designed for Schools, Colleges and Trusts to simplify, speed up and reduce costs from the onboarding process for any new, flexible, or permanent hires.

We cover every pre-hire check you need, and we have integrations with all the major vetting bodies meaning you can conduct these checks, easily, in one place and quickly to reduce your time and cost per hire.

Today over 1000 organisations are using the toolset to remotely and digitally onboard staff and more than 2000 workers going through our platform each month.

Some of the Roles We Cover

  • Teachers

  • Governors

  • Teaching Assistants

  • Supply Teachers

  • Special Education Needs Teachers

  • Administrators

The Checks We Offer

To ensure employees can work within education, we run basic, standard and enhanced checks.

DBS Checks

We help you strictly follow national guidelines when assessing a candidate’s right to work.

Right to Work Audit

We provide comprehensive work history and reference checks, our tool gives you flexibility to meet your needs.

Work History & Referencing

We help validate academic qualifications & records with verification from a range of academic institutions.

Academic Qualification 

Biometric & facial recognition technology allows instant & accurate identity verification.

Identity Verification

We check your candidate's Qualified Teacher Status, induction completion & highlight any prohibitive past.

QTS Check

Roled-based Compliance

By providing bundled compliance checks based on the role, we ensure standards are met from document capture to referencing.

Cloud-based platform

Accessible anywhere, at anytime, our platform enables management and processing of your compliance operations in one place with third-party integrations.


Keep candidates in the driving seat via our app, giving them full visibility of all necessary actions to complete the compliance process.


Safeguarded From Anyone

Our tool ensures everyone, from your teachers to your maintenance team, can only join once they are fully checked and vetted.

Significant Cost & Time Savings

Our tool is built for you, to deliver exactly what you need. On top of meaningful financial savings, in some cases we’re saving our partners as much as 5.5 hours per candidate onboarded.

Ofsted Ready

Our tool gives you a single report on every candidate for you to keep safe in your Single Central Record, we also store every record of every check just in case you need it.

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