Digital Vetting and Compliance

Compliance Cloud

Digitalise your traditional manual pre-hire compliance process, saving time and easing frustration. Providing a seamless interface to carry out your organisation's vetting and compliance processes to onboard, verify and maintain candidates' records. Our unique "Candidate-Led" solution takes the workload off your hands.


Reduce costs

Reduce the costs of your vetting and compliance process with the use of significantly less resource

Reduce time to onboard

Speed up the time taken to onboard candidates, getting them and your business up and running quickly

Reduced Risk

De-risk your compliance process with electronic, auditable records and automated maintenance of documents and compliance status

Roled-based Compliance

By providing bundled compliance checks based on the role, we ensure standards are met from document capture to referencing

Cloud-based platform

Accessible anywhere, at anytime, our platform enables management and processing of your compliance operations in one place with third-party integrations


Keep candidates in the driving seat via our app giving them full visibility of all necessary actions to complete the compliance process

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