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3 Benefits of Role-Based Compliance

With organisations increasingly turning to digital compliance solutions, it is clear that there is a desire across the public sector to make the pre-employment compliance process as simple and efficient as possible.

One way this is possible is with having a tailored compliance offering depending on the role. This may sound complicated but, with the development of technology over the course of the pandemic, it is not as complicated as it first appears. Role-based compliance has numerous benefits for both the organisation and the candidate, of which the main ones are outlined below.

Saving Time

One clear benefit from having a role-based compliance functionality is the time and hassle that is taken off the pre-employment checking process.

By having all the necessary checks for a role listed and available in one place, you can be safe in the knowledge that your new hire will be fully compliant when they start, and you can benefit from only having to fill in the candidate’s details once for multiple check applications.

Ensuring Standards Are Met

A key part of compliance is ensuring that all the necessary information is available when you need it, whether it be for emergencies, audits, or any other reason. By having a compliance system that groups candidates by role and has the results of each check available in one always accessible, cloud-based space, it is simple to retrieve the compliance information you need whenever you need it.

The Candidate Experience

The compliance process should be seen and treated like the first stage of the onboarding process. With this in mind, the candidate experience should be treated as a high priority when it comes to pre-employment checks.

If the candidate sees that the process for conducting their pre-employment checks is stress and hassle free, including only needing to input the necessary information once and having the ability to come back to an application if they do not have everything they need at that moment, they will feel that the organisation they are joining takes the compliance process seriously. On top of this, it will make them feel more secure in their new workplace and the faster start date that will come as a result of the role-specific bundle will mean they can get stuck into their new role faster.

It is clear that the technology that the pandemic brought to the fore will last in the world of compliance. Role-based compliance is just one of the many ways that technology can streamline the compliance process.

If you would like to see how Talent Clouds' platform can help your organisation, you can either contact us or request a demo.


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