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The ‘Big Resignation’ and Increased Worker Mobility Shows the Importance of the Onboarding Process

The pandemic has brought about major changes in how the job market operates. Employees are making the most of the increasing number of vacancies to move into roles that they feel they will enjoy. The pandemic-enforced shift to remote working, removing geographical barriers, has also given employees more power through a greater choice of potential employers.

The increasing power this is giving workers means employers need to do more than ever before to attract and hire the talent they want. While it is important to treat staff well once they join your business, talent will move elsewhere if the pre-employment process is overly long or complicated.

Make Your New Hires Feel Welcome The Moment They Join

According to recent research by Circular Board, employees who have a poor onboarding and pre-employment experience are twice as likely to look for a new role soon after training, while a better process increases staff retention by 82%. One potential solution to this is making sure the process for starting new hires is as simple and quick as possible. Having the worker put in their own details remotely, through an easy-to-use system, means that not only is valuable time and resources saved from the onboarding process, but also ensures that the hiring process is straightforward and fast for the candidate, removing the hassle of sending documentation to be verified, and enabling the new hire to start as soon as possible to prevent them from going elsewhere. As well as making the process simpler, a remote vetting process will go a long way towards keeping your new employees with you for the long-term:

  • It gives a good first impression of your business to the new hire; showing that you want them to start work as soon as possible, and that you take security and the suitability of staff for roles seriously (this is particularly true for high-compliance industries such as care and education)

  • It means the hire does not have to meet you in person before starting work, a major advantage if there is a considerable distance between the two parties

  • Having your details on a cloud-based system means that your details are saved as it is entered, meaning there is no need to put in the same details repeatedly for different pre-employment checks or processes

Needing to fill vacancies quickly and treat staff well in order to keep them are not mutually exclusive in the current and future job market, which is why making the pre-employment process as simple and painless as possible for potential new hires must be seen as key.


In the current and future job markets, it is vital for employers to make the hiring process as pain-free and swift as possible for any potential new hires, as the amount of job vacancies currently waiting to be filled means that the talent you want will move elsewhere if they are not made to feel valued from the very start of the employment process.

Our platform helps assists the onboarding process by making the pre-employment screening process faster and more efficient. If you would like to find out more, you can read more about our platform here. Alternatively, feel free to ask us any questions you have.

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