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Compliance Cloud!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to your Compliance Cloud Overview

Our Compliance Cloud solution is a transformative toolset with which to process and clear the murky, slow and costly waters of compliance, vetting and onboarding. It digitises and streamlines processes to deliver efficiency and transparency.

By digitalising your traditional manual pre-hire compliance process, you will save both time and money as well as gaining resource and funds that can improve your business elsewhere. Our seamless interface allows you to carry out your organisation's vetting and compliance processes to onboard, verify and maintain candidates' records quickly and transparently.

A primary benefit and innovation in post job offer validation is our ‘Candidate-Led’ approach which leverages our third-party integrations providing the likes of identity verification tech and the DBS criminal record checks in order to take a lot of this stage’s workload off your hands.

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