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How Digital Vetting Can Improve IT Services

The IT industry and its services have faced many issues through an ongoing pandemic working lifestyle. These include, retaining a workforce, hiring new employees, increasing security measures and catering to hybrid working environments.

Given these rapid changes, it’s important to commit to exploring new and alternative ways to keep up with, and regulate, what can be done to improve IT services in a permanent and impactful way.

Digital Vetting

This can be achieved through the use of digital vetting. Pre-pandemic, the majority of employers would use paper-based forms to process vetting checks on existing and new employees, and ID verification would be completed in person. The Talent Clouds system has enabled thousands of employers to transition to digital first vetting, meaning all vetting checks are initiated and processed through an online platform.

Onboarding practices have never been made easier, as over 5,000 workers have been able to benefit from faster and more efficient hiring processes, from the start of onboarding to the end of employment.


Talent Clouds recently partnered with a leading IT firm named CoStratify who specialises in implementing long-lasting IT strategies within businesses.

They have recognised that many of their client’s offline vetting processes no longer work and are therefore introducing Talent Clouds’ digital vetting platform to help their client base move online, saving time and money, as well as increasing the accuracy of their vetting results.

Statistically, our platform has been able to produce reliable results, with an average check turnaround time of 16 days from when a check is requested to when the result is shown by the DBS. In comparison to the eight-week waiting period that was the standard for the paper-based system.


Our client base has also been able to comment on how well the platform has improved their digital and hiring processes, as Andy Shuttleworth, Co-Owner and Director at Costratify says:

“The Talent Clouds platform has helped us, and our clients move our employee vetting online, revitalising time spent on our vetting processes and maximising costs.

In addition, we’ve been able to take advantage of the new Digital ID methods so new employee ID’s can be verified safely and securely on a virtual basis.”

Digital vetting has a bright and clear future within its complementary industries, let it be yours as well.


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