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ECC and Talent Clouds: 1 Year On

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The Challenge

Before working with Talent Clouds, Essex County Council’s (ECC) DBS checks were managed by their ‘eDBS Service’. This service was used for all internal staff and all their external clients across the U.K.

Too much time was being spent on the hiring process. The series of pre-onboarding compliance checks was slowing the process down, having a significant impact on the council’s ability to bring quality people into their organisation quickly.

There were four main aims for the new background checking platform:

· Ensure continuity for the eDBS Service element and its existing customers

· Enhance the customer experience to ensure ECC were on the forefront of service provision

· Provide a candidate-driven experience to reduce the need for manual intervention by ECC

· Launch with the latest in new technology options such as facial recognition for Right to Work purposes

The Solution

Talent Clouds and Essex County Council delivered a full Multi-Check Compliance toolset that allowed the ECC Service Team to manage and process a range of employment compliance checks from DBS, Right to Work, Occupational Health, QTS and more.

The platform is available on-line 24/7 and accessible from anywhere to facilitate the candidate compliance journey. Our toolset facilitated them to increase the scope of their compliance offering and tailor each individual’s compliance experience depending on the role and industry.

The Impact: Time and Money Saved

The time taken to complete a full compliance file has been drastically reduced by using Talent Clouds. Analysis conducted by the Council confirmed that the entire process can be completed by organisations in just 18 minutes, compared to 5 hours previously.

For DBS checks, the same analysis showed that we’d achieved up to 90% time savings, reducing the time to complete from 30 minutes to three.

In the 9 months since Essex County Council and Talent Clouds kicked off their partnership, they’ve processed 13,000 workers and conducted more than 18,000 checks.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you lower the costs and time spent on compliance checks and workforce management please get in touch here.



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