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Resourcing Cloud!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to your Resourcing Cloud Overview!

Our Resourcing Cloud solution is designed to make sourcing, managing and engaging with contingent talent easier. With unique end-to-end workforce management functionality, Talent Clouds’ Resourcing Cloud delivers consistent results to your hiring teams via real time technology, as well as engaging your candidates through our dedicated app.

We are the next generation of Talent Pool Technology, a holistic end-to-end workforce management system. Resourcing Cloud allows a hiring manager to create and distribute a role and then crucially, when the candidate is either found within or externally and then brought into the talent pool, you can manage the full recruitment, compliance, deployment and payment of that worker.

While traditional talent pools focussed on simply logging candidate into a database, Resourcing Cloud has multiple channels through which candidate can be brought in. Whether they are registered online, download the official Talent Clouds app, or even recruited externally through a job board, every candidate is onboarded and made compliant within the system and ready to work. 

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