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Why I Joined Talent Clouds...

After 15 years working in investment management, and most recently 8 years in the fintech space, I am very excited to announce that I have joined Talent Clouds as CEO.

The experiences I had in fintech – being part of the growth of embedded finance and seeing first-hand how the effective use of technology can revolutionise an industry – was something I was keen to apply to other sectors primed for disruption. Employee vetting and onboarding is one of them. This is especially relevant given two undeniable facts about the job market today:

  • For employees: an increased expectation for more flexible working - hybrid and remote working is here to stay

  • For employers: quickly accessing dependable, reliable, temporary and permanent worker pools is more important than ever

Driven by these factors, and with the geographical location of employees no longer a barrier, the competitiveness of the job market has changed forever with an increasing number of applicants for each role. But with this comes a new challenge for employers:

  • It’s possible that you might never meet one of your employees in person

  • Whilst deciding where to join, that same employee potentially has more options available to them than ever

That means you need to move fast in recruitment, but with the confidence that you are making the right decisions for your business.

That’s why at Talent Clouds we have automated all the necessary employee onboarding and regulatory vetting processes. We enable organisations to bring on employees quickly and manage them effectively through their employment lifecycle.

Get Employees Onboarded Quicker

The trend towards working remotely has been super charged by the pandemic. It is therefore vital that this shift is met with effective technology to ensure that all the necessary processes are completed properly. One of these is the pre-employment and onboarding process for new hires.

One of the main struggles with remote onboarding is not meeting the candidate. Not being able to assess a candidate’s character in person means that having a clear idea of their work history and background is imperative.

Whether remote or not, the manual pre-employment processes of waiting for copies of documents to arrive, and completing and waiting for a response, is outdated and inefficient. This is not acceptable in any industry, but especially in high-compliance ones like the public sector - education, social, health, care - where fast access to staff is imperative.

It is also vital that businesses have a compliance and onboarding system that is fully remote, fully digital and easy to follow, ensuring that the process is completed without delay or risk of error.

The chance to be part of this much needed solution via an automated, cloud-based platform, is a major reason why I took on this role. We are already enabling over 1,000 organisations a month to onboard employees 75% faster than previously.

Automatically Manage Employees Through their Employment Lifecycle with You

The pandemic and Brexit have altered compliance requirements in a myriad of ways, including increasing regulation when it comes to recruiting staff and maintaining them as an ongoing employee.

Our Talent Clouds platform stores both prospective and existing employee information including details of their availability, work status, and compliance status. It automatically recognises any legal changes on what checks are needed to maintain your employees. This has been a game changer for many organisations in removing costly overheads, manual processes, and managing talent.


The pandemic has brought about a fundamental shift to how we work. The prospect of solving the issue of speeding up and simplifying pre-employment and existing-employment processes through digitisation, at a time where there is an urgent need to get staff started as soon as possible, is why I am so excited to take on this challenge at Talent Clouds. 

Our platform is already live across over 1,000 public sector organisations including Health, Care, Education and local government, where speed to onboard is critical, yet tight regulation dictates that employees must be fully checked and compliant for their role. We are also increasingly seeing interest from private sector industries where effective employment screening is becoming more relevant than ever.

Please get in touch if you would like to hear more.



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