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Working with Health & Social Care

What we do

We help organisations in the Health & Social Care sector remotely and digitally onboard and manage their workforce.

Ensuring all necessary background vetting processes are completed and getting new hires onboarded and started quickly often seem to compete against each other. Manual processes can increase the time it takes to start new hires needlessly. 


We help care providers take the difficulty out of their onboarding management processes by digitising at point-in-time vetting in one, cloud-based space, making the stressful and time-consuming business of compliance faster, cheaper and more efficient.

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Want to Know More?

The Features


Role-based Vetting

Cloud-based platform

By providing bundled background checks based on the role, we ensure standards are met from document capture to referencing.

Accessible anywhere, at anytime, our platform enables management and processing of your compliance operations in one place with third-party integrations.


Keep candidates in the driving seat via our app giving them full visibility of all necessary actions to complete the compliance process.

The Benefits


Step by Step


Our tool walks you through the checks process logically, with no ‘noise’ to distract you.

Our tool knows that sometimes you’ll be interrupted, so it doesn’t change while you’re gone or unexpectedly lose documents.


CQC Audit Ready

Our tool gives you a single report on every candidate for you to keep safe. We also store every check just in case you need it.

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