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Major County Council - Case Study



The Local Council had one central team responsible for the overseeing of all onboarding and compliance across the organisation. The manual and disjointed services required for its internal hiring was inefficient and resource-heavy. This meant it took two weeks on average to complete a compliance report for a worker.



Talent Clouds provided the Council with a digital system to manage its compliance processes in a single, centralised, easy-to-use solution. This streamlined the processes of hiring, onboarding and validating the credentials of its existing workforce. Providing a cloud-based platform for each individual department has enabled its central team to provide oversight, increase their range of compliance processes, and standardise procedures.


  • We have saved the council over 10,000 hours of manual labour annually since 2020, thanks to our cloud-based, digital approach to pre-employment vetting

  • The council have saved £250,000 in annual cost savings since 2020, enabling valuable investment in improving resources and delivery of public services.

  • The average time to complete pre-employment checks and fully onboard a candidate has been reduced from 3 weeks to 4 days.

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