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" We’re on a mission 
to simplify  workforce compliance so that employers can quickly and easily onboard and maintain happy, empowered and compliant workforces "

Public Sector

About Us

We are disrupting the workforce compliance market with our fully digital, background checking SaaS solution, designed to help organisations of all sizes to save time and money by managing all their workforce compliance needs in a single, simple, worker-centric platform.

Our Story

Whilst scaling their on-demand hiring platform business, David and Kevin (our co-founders) noticed public services organisations were struggling to onboard new workers  due to manual and disjointed onboarding processes. 

These challenges were especially burdensome for organisations with high safeguarding needs and large workforces such as education, care and health - the workforces most underserved by technology to date.

In 2019, they founded Talent Clouds to modernise workforce vetting and engagement - starting with developing a fully digital background check solution for highly regulated public services. 

Our Values

  1. Think like a customer

  2. Work together, win together

  3. Own outcomes, not tasks

  4. Make ideas reality

  5. Learning never stops

  6. Have the hard conversations

  7. Never settle for just "Okay"

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Our Founders

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Kevin Fuller

David Stone

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