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" We’re on a mission 
to simplify workforce compliance so that employers can quickly and easily onboard and maintain happy, empowered and compliant workforces "

Public Sector

About Us

We are disrupting the workforce compliance market with our fully digital, background checking SaaS solution, designed to help organisations of all sizes to save time and money by managing all their workforce compliance needs in a single, simple, worker-centric platform.

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Story

While expanding the Talent Clouds on-demand hiring platform venture, the co-founders observed that public services organisations were encountering difficulties in integrating new workers due to outdated and fragmented onboarding procedures. 


These hurdles were particularly taxing for institutions with stringent safeguarding requirements and extensive staff numbers, such as those in education, care, and health sectors – segments that technology had yet to adequately support. 


In 2019, they established Talent Clouds with the aim of revolutionising workforce vetting and involvement. They initiated this endeavour by creating a completely digital background check solution tailored for the highly regulated public services sector. 

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