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Working with the Staffing Industry 

What we do

Staffing companies have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to background checking - speed and security are essential to ensure temporary employees can be onboarded and start new roles as quickly as possible.


We use cutting-edge digital identity verification software to ensure that background checks are completed promprly, without delay. By allowing temporary employees to start thier assignments more quickly, our staffing companies are able to stand out from the competition.

Supporting these essential onboarding processes ensure that staffing firms can concentrate entirely on what they do best - matching workers with roles.

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Want to Know More?

The Features


Bespoke Vetting Packages

Our intelligent role-based compliance engine offers tailored packages of compliance and safeguarding checks by specific circumstances, such as prospective tenants.

Cloud-based Platform

Our cloud-based app is built with user experience in mind, whether it’s taking a selfie to validate identity or updating personal information on the go, our tool supports your whole organisation in managing their own compliance from anywhere at anytime.

Latest ID Technology

Our platform partners with a digital ID checking service to make the vetting process as simple and less labour-intensive as possible.

The Benefits


Safeguarded From Anyone

Significant Cost & Time Savings

Our tool ensures everyone, from your teachers to your maintenance team, can only join once they are fully checked and vetted.

Our tool is built for you, to deliver exactly what you need. On top of meaningful financial savings, in some cases we’re saving our partners as much as 5.5 hours per candidate vetted.


Audit Ready

Our tool gives you a single report on every applicant for you to keep safe in your Single Central Record, we also store every record of every check just in case you need it.

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