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Fire and Rescue Service - Case Study



The Fire & Rescue Service operates 20 stations with a mixture of full-time and on-call firefighters and support staff.  


During a period of severe staff shortages across the public sector, the Service faced the challenge of ensuring all new hires were onboarded swiftly whilst maintaining everyone’s safety, both internally and in the wider community.



Talent Clouds’ cloud-based digital platform has allowed the Service to make their pre-employment and workforce management processes more efficient and cost-effective. Digitising these processes has reduced the average completion time for pre-employment checks, allowing candidates to begin work sooner. The cloud-based nature of the platform has also meant that candidate details only need to be inputted once for multiple checks, as well as simplifying the process of keeping the compliance record of employees up to date. 


Through the use of our digital, cloud-based platform, the Service has saved valuable time and money through reduced manual processing hours and cost savings through increased efficiency and reducing error.

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