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Care & Support Provider - Case Study



A Care Agency whose 300 staff care for over 1,000 vulnerable people across the Southend area, offering services ranging from Supported Living to Residential Care, to Supported Employment.  

During the pandemic, the Agency faced the industry-wide issues of staff shortages and needing to onboard new hires quickly and securely, in order so they could provide services in line with their commitment ' make a positive difference to peoples' lives.' This was particularly problematic considering the increase in the average number of applicants per role, and with compliance requirements in care becoming ever more complex.



Talent Clouds’ cloud-based digital platform has allowed the Agency to make its compliance and workforce management processes more efficient and cost-effective. Digitising these processes has reduced the average turnaround time for pre-employment checks, allowing candidates to begin work sooner. The cloud-based nature of the platform has also meant that candidate details only need to be inputted once for multiple checks, meaning keeping the compliance record of employees up-to-date is simpler and more cost-effective. 


Through the use of our digital, cloud-based platform, the Agency has saved valuable time and money through reduced manual processing hours and cost savings through increased efficiency and reduced error.

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