USP College



USP College is a Sixth Form College based across Essex with approximately 4500 students. It specialises in educating students to go into the health and education sectors. 


With the College growing, it faces the challenge of ensuring the safe and swift recruitment of staff, with the increasing need to start new staff members quickly. With a rising proportion of its students going into placements in the teaching and social care sectors, USP faces a challenge of collecting relevant documents from their students so compliance checks could be completed quickly. 




Talent Clouds’ cloud-based digital platform has allowed USP College to make their compliance processes more efficient and standardised. The cloud-based nature of the platform means that information on a candidate can be saved and returned to later. Utilising digital for checks has reduced error and reduced the turnaround times for DBS and other checks. 


Through the use of our digital, cloud-based platform, the College has saved valuable time and money through reduced manual processing hours and cost savings through increased efficiency and reducing error.