How to Initiate a Check

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

We have divided the process of initiating a check into 5 stages. To help you, we have created a video to help guide you through each step, which you can watch below, and have also written a step-by-step guide.

Your Video Tutorial

Your Step-by-Step Guide

1: Set Up

To get started, first select your business name from the Locations dropdown.

The next section of the page will be ‘Select a Candidate’.

  • If the candidate has completed a check on the platform before, then simply choose their name in the ‘Choose Existing Candidate' Box

  • If this the Candidate’s first time completing a check on the platform, then go down to the ‘Create New Candidate’ section and fill in the required information. Once the information is filled in, then press ‘Create Candidate’. This will create an account for that Candidate.

Once you have either chosen or created your Candidate's account select Next Step.  

2: Select Your Role

In step 2 you will select the role your Candidate will be doing for your organisation.

There are two ways to select the role you want:

  • In the Choose Role box, simply start typing the role. As you type, a drop-down menu will appear with suggestions based on what you typed. When you see the correct role, simply click on it in the menu.

  • Alternatively, if you click See All Roles just below the Choose Role box, you will see a list of available roles for your account. Simply click the relevant role from this list.

After completing one of these two stages, you will see the role title in the Role box.

Once you have selected your role select Next Step.

3: Select your Checks

You will now be at the Select Candidate Checks page, and will see a list of checks.

Click the tick-box of the checks you would like your Candidate to have, and then select Next Step.

4: Complete Your Request

You will now be at the Summary page.

Here, depending on the checks you requested, you may be asked to specify your requirements (for example, the level of DBS Check you would like, or the number of years of Employment History you would like checked).

Once you have specified your requirements, you will see the overall price of the checks you have requested displayed at the bottom of the page, and a tick box confirming you agree to the charges. You must tick this box in order to complete your order.

Once you have stated your specific requirements and confirmed that you agree to the charges, simply press Complete.

5: Initialise Your Checks

You will now be at the Check overview page. Depending on which checks you have requested, you may see some Checks as ‘Pending Initialisation’. This means that we require some information from you before we are allowed to contact the candidate to complete their part of the Check.

We will ask questions about what documentation you have seen from the Candidate, and whether you have verified their name, address, and date of birth. This is so we know what documents to expect from the Candidate, and to add another layer of security to the pre-employment compliance process.

Once you have seen the relevant documents and can verify the basic information, then press Initialize. This will enable us to contact the Candidate to complete their part of the process.

If you have any questions about the process of selecting and Initializing checks, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].