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Benefits of Identity Document Validation Technologies (IDVT)

IDVT or Identity Document Validation Technologies is a mode of technology that allows employers and prospective employees to establish the authenticity of ID documents used for identity verification purposes, such as but not limited to passports, biometric residence permits, drivers licences and identity cards.

IDVT provides reinforced levels of accuracy and digital verification, in comparison to the manual checking of documents as well as preventing the use of fraudulent practices with ID documents. The replacement of the manual checking of documents with IDVT, can be viewed as the next logical step within digital technology. Especially since IDVT implements automated processes that eliminates the need to photocopy and store paper copies for ID documents.

Why IDVT is better

Integrated automated processes within IDVT systems enables users to utilise advanced scanner and photo tampering technology. In the form of data integrity analysis which searches for texture and density within the font(s) used throughout the chosen ID document. This type of system and processes used allow for increased compliance and encourages a streamlined and consistent process for IDVT providers and its users.

Identity Validation is just one of the many services that is aided from being digitally managed. As the digital industry gets back on track post-pandemic, it should be expected to see more processes following suit.

Effect on employers & employees

Most employers understand that enabling the use of IDVT for the appropriate checks will help to support post-pandemic working practises, speed-up onboarding practices and specialise on employee mobility throughout the workplace.

However, another measurable form of the effect of IDVT’s on employers, would be how the risk of human error and recruitment costs are reduced, as both, more compatible and securer methods of identification are adopted and applied. Additionally, time spent working and undertaking checks, due to how employers working with IDVT providers, won’t have to physically examine documents.

IDVT as the latest technology and its future

Given the firm regulations surrounding the failing to carry out the relevant identity checks, upholding standardised levels of compliance has never been a much-needed standard to prioritise and adhere to. Similarly, now that employers are able to choose from a selection of certified IDVT providers, partnering with reliable yet unregulated suppliers will become a practice of the past.

As the digital industry undergoes its next evolutionary step, employers and market-led organisations will need to keep up and facilitate these changes; increasing the rate of integrations between organisations and IDVT providers will create comprehensive and data-diverse digital identity systems.



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