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Compliance in the Care Sector

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

At this time more than ever before, care workers are needed and needed quickly. With this in mind, it is important to have the right compliance system in place. At a glance, this may seem relatively unimportant. Compliance checks are a process that must be completed, and it takes as long as it takes. This blog will show that this does not have to be the case, however, and that having the right compliance system is of great benefit to the care industry in these unprecedented times.

Secure and Time-Saving

The ideal compliance tool saves precious time, money, and resources while not compromising on security.

Our platform achieves this in several ways. One is through an efficient and effective screening process. By forcing the worker to take live photos of themselves and their passports, the screening and identity verification process is swift and secure. Furthermore, because everything is conducted electronically, you get to know the result of the DBS check long before the physical certificate reaches you.

Another key time-saving measure is the onus we put on the worker to verify their own identity and documents, with a simple step-by-step process eliminating the possibility of error. Conducting the process like this eliminates the need to meet face-to-face and completes checks quickly, with over half of DBS checks completed within 5 working days. It is therefore possible to conduct checks effectively and securely while saving valuable time and resources.


It is also important to have a compliance system that tailors to your specific requirements. This is particularly pertinent in the care sector.

As well as DBS, identity verification, and employment history checks, there is often a need for role-specific checks. These include a DVLA check, an HCPC Registration check and an SWE Registration check. While this may normally involve separate applications and the usage of time and resources, this does not have to be the case. With everything stored in one place, it is simple to conduct the checks you want to check, with one report on each worker being produced for you to keep safe. Not only does this save space, it also makes it easier to provide the necessary information during CQC audits.

The key to a good compliance system in any industry is that it must be comprehensive and connected to the infrastructure that is already in place. Care is no exception here, where, especially in the current climate, there is no time to overhaul the compliance system and re-learn processes from scratch. With our cloud-based platform, we can integrate with the infrastructure you already have in place to ensure you have a joined-up, user-friendly and comprehensive compliance system that is accessible anywhere and at any time.

In short, at a time where recruitment is more important than ever in the care sector, it is important to have a compliance system that is both quick and user-friendly without compromising on security. With the flexible nature of our platform, tailoring to fit the needs of the individual role, our cloud-based platform ensuring everything is easily accessible in one place, and our worker-orientated process saving time and resources, it is possible to have a compliance system that makes hiring in the care sector a less daunting proposition.

Photo by Vlad Surgu in Unsplash



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