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Compliance in Times of COVID-19

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

How times have changed over the past year. In these unprecedented times, there may be pressure on employers to recruit staff quickly either as a result of an increased demand in their sector, or due to the sickness or self-isolation of existing employees. It would be easy to rush candidates into jobs without the usual checks, but this could result in employees with false qualifications, criminal records or a hidden employment history gaining employment within a business. Whilst everything else may be different at the minute, your pre-employment screening checks should not be – your business depends on it.

Fast-track Screening

Accelerating on-boarding without compromising compliance... During the present crisis, many organisations are facing unprecedented demand, and need to recruit at pace and in high volumes. Where internal screening functions and outsourced providers can't cope with this volume, businesses are being forced to compromise their compliance and security to meet operational needs by foregoing critical checks on their hires. With Reed Screening's fast-track screening service, you can have the best of both worlds - through segmented workflows and automation, we can conduct same day key checks to get those essential hires into the business, and continue with the screening in parallel to assure you that risk is being mitigated even in these challenging times.

Worker-orientated Process

With the need to make the recruitment process as swift and efficient as possible, having a compliance system that makes the worker verify their own documents and identity is an easy way to ensure the compliance process is conducted safely while saving you precious time and resources. With our cloud-based system, meaning everything is stored in one place, many DBS and other background checks can be conducted in a shorter space of time than would otherwise be possible.

No face-to-face Contact

At the moment, processes must be conducted without face-to-face contact. Compliance is no different here, with identity checks and document verification needing to be done remotely. It is understandable to read this and think this will make the compliance process more complex and slower. This does not have to be so, however. With the onus on the worker to verify their own identity and documents, and the storage of all information in one central point, DBS and other checks can be conducted securely and efficiently without the need to meet in person. This also saves precious time in a very different and complicated working world.

While compliance, like many other facets of the work environment, has had to adapt to a new way of working over the past year, this does not mean it has to become a more laborious and time-consuming process. By making the worker do the heavy lifting with an effective screening system, and storing all information in one secure place, Talent Clouds can aid your compliance process (at a time where care workers are needed more than ever) by eliminating the need to meet in person and saving precious time and resources.

Photo by Kevin Yudhistira Alloni on Unsplash


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