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How Digital Can Benefit Schools

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

- Workforce management is more important than ever in education - digital makes this process easier

- Hiring must be secure and fast: digital assists with both these elements

- The pandemic has proved that technology-based solutions for pre-employment checks work

The Challenges

The pandemic has stretched the resources and staff in schools to an extent never seen before. This was explained by Emma Hughes, Head of HR Services for Education at Browne Jacobson, in a recent webinar we held on the impact of the pandemic in education:

There were several major challenges highlighted, including:

- Safeguarding for staff who are pregnant, shielding, or suffering from long COVID

- Resources being stretched covering classes for absent staff, in terms of logistics, space and staff

- Staff burnout, and the impact this has on overall morale and wellbeing

In a sector where safeguarding was so prominent before the pandemic, it is clear the past 16 months have shown that schools will have to adapt their safeguarding and workforce management in the future to cope with the added challenges that will exist for the foreseeable future.

How Digital Can Help

With staff being stretched and taking on more responsibilities as a result of the pandemic, it is important that new hires can start as quickly as possible. Having a digital system for all pre-employment compliance checks can save valuable time and money by making sure details only need to be filled out once, and by returning the result to you before the paper certificate arrives.

Having a digital system is also a good way of assuring new starters and current staff, especially during a time like this, that you take the safety and wellbeing of staff seriously. Not only does a digital system go a long way to spotting and preventing fraud (which rose by over 41% during 2020), but it also ensures that the workforce management process can be better organised, with all information in one permanently accessible, cloud-based space.


In short, the move to digital processes that has occurred during the pandemic is not a temporary phase, and schools will benefit greatly from moving to a digital compliance and workforce management process.

If you want to see more of our webinar on the impact of the pandemic in education, you can do so here. Alternatively, feel free to ask us any questions you have.

Cover photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash


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