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Talent Clouds Becomes First Compliance Management Platform to be an Approved DBS E-Bulk Provider

Talent Cloud Solutions Limited – the workforce compliance management platform - today announced that it had become the first company in seven years to become a registered E-broker for the U.K. Government’s E-bulk Disclosure and Barring Service.

Talent Clouds becomes the first recognised E-broker on a mission to modernise the remote onboarding and compliance management. By helping those in education, care and the public sector onboard faster through its digital toolset, workers will be able to start roles sooner.

Talent Clouds believes it is on the right trajectory to provide a disruptive, easily integrated, and cloud-based workforce compliance management platform across high compliance industries.

David Stone, Co-Founder at Talent Clouds, said: “We are thrilled to become the first company in seven years to achieve this important milestone.

Combining our holistic approach to compliance management with a faster DBS process means that we can look forward to providing a better service to the education, care, and health sectors and help them move to the future of compliance management.”

Talent Clouds is excited about this latest development and the potential it has to change the nature of workforce compliance management.


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