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Why Having the Right Compliance Toolset is so Key to Success

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

With the move to remote working and existing resources being stretched more than ever before, it is vital to make compliance, such as pre-employment checks, as cost-effective and simple as possible. Although conducting DBS and right to work checks, recording employment history, and obtaining references is a laborious and time-consuming process, it doesn’t have to be. This post will tell you why having the right compliance toolset is so key to success, especially in the current climate, and how our platform can help you achieve this.

Security & Cost

Despite the unprecedented times we are in, one fact that will never change is that security and cost are of paramount importance in care and education, especially where compliance is concerned.

Having a compliance toolset that is cost-effective while guaranteeing security is therefore a must. The right compliance toolset requires water-tight employment history checks, document verification, and facial recognition. With these as part of our system, compliance managers can be safe in the knowledge that efficiency does not come at the expense of security.

With resources squeezed in all areas, the right compliance toolset must also make economic sense and be hassle-free. With our cloud-based system ensuring everything is connected and stored in one place, comprehensive background checks that suit your needs can be made in a way that doesn’t drain your resources and budget.

With such extensive security checks and the storage of all information all in one place, it is far easier to adjust to any legal changes that may occur, whilst reducing risk of encountering security-related issues, a major concern in education and care.


The right compliance toolset must also be efficient.

With the move to remote working and the added complexities this brings to day-to-day tasks, the last thing a compliance manager would want is to be bogged down in endless form-filling and paperwork. This is especially true now, with care workers and teachers more in-demand than ever before.

The right compliance toolset, therefore, puts the onus on the worker to complete the process. This switch of emphasis from hirer to worker may concern you that response times will be slow. Our research shows, however, that over half of workers start the process within 48 hours, with 43% of DBS checks being completed in less than 5 working days.

By having everything on just one platform, the process is made as simple as possible for the worker, giving a good first impression of their potential employer. This method also saves space, reducing the need for storage space which can be reassigned. By making the worker do the heavy lifting, precious time and energy is saved, with the background checking process completed swiftly and efficiently with less effort and stress than before.

Remote Working

At this time especially, an ideal compliance toolset makes face-to-face contact unnecessary unless it is obligated. By having everything on one cloud-based system, there is less need to meet the worker to manually complete paperwork or verify their identity. While increasing efficiency, this is especially useful when most of us are working from home and minimising our contact with others. In the world we live, such a feature is key to the right compliance toolset.

In short, the reasons why the right compliance toolset is key to success can be divided into three broad areas: efficiency in many areas, security, and the reduction of risk. While this may seem obvious, having the worker validate their own documents and verify their own identity through one central, cloud-based system is the most efficient way to swiftly conduct background checks. It also saves space, time and money while ensuring security and safety is maintained.

Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash


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