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3 Benefits of Candidate-Focused Compliance

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

- Having the candidate fill in their own details reduces the overall time to complete pre-employment checks

- 78% of applicants lie during the hiring process; this helps to ensure that you know who you are hiring

- This approach can take the stress out of audits and data storage

The move to conducting processes remotely over the past year has meant fundamental changes to how they’re done. Pre-employment checks on employees has been no exception to this, with the government temporarily making scans of documents acceptable for Right to Work checks and the inability to meet people face-to-face.

One way around having to wait for original documents to arrive at the appropriate desk is to make the candidate input their own details. While this candidate-focused approach may make some organisations nervous as to overall efficiency of the screening process, there are several benefits to adopting this approach even beyond the pandemic.


While it is easy to see how making the candidate fill in their own details may slow the process down, our research shows that with this method, over half of DBS applications are completed within 24 hours. If you compare this to the alternative of waiting for certificates or information to be sent to you by all potential hires, and then having to input them all yourself, this saves you a lot of time and resources.

This more streamlined compliance process through a candidate-focused approach for remote DBS checks makes the entire time taken to complete screening and can enable your new hires to begin work sooner – this is particularly useful when, especially in the public sector, there is a need to onboard and get new hires up and running as quickly as possible.


Even though processes are now remote, it is vital that security and trust in the screening process are not compromised.

With adequate guidance through detail submission, mistakes are less likely to be made through errors in communication or misreading important details. The digital platform information is submitted on is also far more likely to spot any errors or discrepancies in important details, making the process safer and more secure as well as swifter.

First Impressions

The compliance process should be treated as the first stage of a new hire’s onboarding. This means you want to give your new hire the right impression about your organisation; you take the security of staff and those you work with and for seriously, and that you trust them.

Allowing the individual to submit their own details shows that you trust them to complete important processes, and doing so with a digital system shows that safety and security are taken seriously.


Having a candidate-focused approach to pre-employment checks for employees can save a lot of time and resources for a business, can make the process more secure, and gives a potential new hire the right first impression about your organisation.

If you want to see how this candidate-centred approach can help your organisation, then please visit our product page or request a demo. Alternatively, feel free to ask us any questions you have.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash


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