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Your Guide to Staying Secure when Hiring Remotely

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Hiring while remote working and conducting background checks on employees have proved a challenge for many businesses over the past year. Of the many challenges, one of the most common and serious is that of security. How do you know who you’re hiring is who they say they are? Will the current situation mean pre-employment background checks are delayed?

Here are three ways your remote hiring process can remain secure and lead to a safer recruitment procedure.

1.) Have Strict Security Protocols

Not being able to meet your potential new hires in person can be problematic. It is possible to be safe in the knowledge that they are the right kind of person you want in your business without having to meet them, though.

This safer recruitment can be achieved with the right technology. Our use of facial recognition technology, which compares a live photo to the individual’s passport photo, means that any potential hires are who they say they are.

It is also important to make sure that anyone who joins your business is fully checked and vetted, especially in sectors such as education and care. Our platform makes it easy to keep on top of what checks have been completed and which ones still need doing, ensuring that no-one can join your business unless all required background checks have been completed.

2.) Make the Process Candidate-Led

On the face of it, making the candidate fill out their own details and provide their own documentation to ensure security may seem counterintuitive. It is, however, a more secure way of completing background checks than waiting for the individual to send the documents over to you for you to complete the process.

By making the candidate provide their details in one central point, our system ensures that there are no gaps in the individual’s employment history, no differences in the information on official documents, and no chance of anything important slipping through the cracks.

Furthermore, making the candidate do the heavy lifting means the compliance process is shorter, with most checks on our platform being completed within 5 working days, and by receiving the results of all checks before paper certificates arrive, your new hire can start sooner than would otherwise be possible.

3.) Engage before Hiring

The other big concern with security while remote hiring is what type of person you are potentially bringing onboard.

With our Talent Pool feature, you can view and engage directly with individuals, so you have a good idea of what type of person you are hiring. As well as this, all individuals approachable on our platform have had background checks already, which is potentially a significant time and resource-saver.

In short, while security is a very pertinent and valid concern while hiring remotely, it is possible to ensure that all new hires are who they say they are even though you cannot meet them. By putting the onus on them to provide their details, having all information on one platform so any discrepancies are spotted straight away, and our facial recognition technology, it has never been easier to stay secure while hiring remotely.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash


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