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Digital and Remote Compliance: The Benefits

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

With processes as important as pre-employment checks, the prospect of a digital-only approach may well strike fear into the hearts of compliance and HR managers. However, with the enforced shift for many to remote working over the past year, and the need for the recruitment process for care workers and teachers to be more efficient than ever before, a fully digital approach may be the way forward with compliance.


The most obvious advantage of a purely digital approach is the increased speed of the entire pre-employment checking process.

By having a system where everything is stored in one place, you can find out the results of DBS and other background checks before the paper certificate arrives. While this is particularly useful during this time, where the employment process needs to be faster than ever before, this speed can also save time and resources at the recruiter’s end. By making the workers verify their own identity and documentation, the process is completed quicker than if one person was doing this process on their behalf. Our research over the past year shows that over 40% of workers completing their side of the process within 24 hours, meaning over half of DBS checks are completed within 5 working days.

Through an easy-to-use system making it simple for the worker to complete the verification process, a digital compliance process can speed up and make stress-free the potentially time-consuming work of completing background checks.

No Face-to-Face Contact

In the current climate, the other benefit of this fully digital approach is the eradication of the need for face-to-face contact.

The worker-orientated process means there is no requirement to meet in person to present identification or documentation. Not only does this mean social distancing rules can be observed while not impacting the compliance process, but a potentially time-consuming stage in passing over relevant information can be bypassed entirely. For the education and care sectors, where background checks are constantly being completed, this could save a great deal of time and resources even after the current crisis.

While a fully digital approach may bring some anxiety as to how secure a system can be, the checks involved in our system ensures that only the right people work in the sectors where security is most crucial. By using facial recognition technology, we ensure everyone who uses our system is who they say they are, and with everything going through and stored in one place, a comprehensive report is written up on each worker, meaning you know all bases have been covered and decisions can be made with all the information that is required.


As has been alluded to above, the most significant element of a fully digital compliance system is having a cloud-based system where everything goes through and where all information is stored. Aside from making the whole process less complicated, it also saves potentially a lot of office space. The other advantage of this approach is the stress alleviated during audits by having everything in one, permanently accessible place, making accessing information at a moment's notice much easier. The hassle, time, money, and space saved from having a fully digital system can potentially make the recruitment process far easier at a time where the need to recruit staff quickly is greater than ever.

In short, there are many benefits to a fully digital compliance process. Alongside the obvious saving of space, it also means face-to-face contact is rendered unnecessary, speeding the process by making the worker do the heavy lifting, extra security, and the alleviation of stress knowing that all the important information is safe in one place, accessible from anywhere, at any time.

About Talent Clouds

Our platform uses cloud-based technology to assist the onboarding and screening process for new hires by storing information in one place, reducing error, and tailoring what checks are needed by role. If you would like to find out more, you can read about our platform here. Alternatively, feel free to ask us any questions you have.


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